Internet Troll Cross

Coming soon to the Rockin’, Rollin’, & Raw shop on Etsy: THE INTERNET TROLL CROSS!

troll_cross_traditionalThe Troll Cross is a talisman that people have attributed to ancient Scandinavians as protection against trolls and other evils. In actuality this curvy pendant design can be attributed to modern Swedish metalsmith, Kari Erlands, who popularized the design in the late 1990’s. (cite) She claims to have based it on a symbol that does have more history. One can see the similarity to the Othala (Odal) rune as seen in the Elder Futhark runic alphabet, which is undeniably very ancient.


No matter the origin, the Troll Cross is a pleasing design and protection symbols are arguably in the eye of the beholder. It is in this spirit that I introduce to you the newest incarnation of the Troll Cross: One with a 21st century twist I think we can all recognize a need for: The Internet Troll Cross.

Internet Troll |

The Internet Troll is a modern-day being that any online community user will recognize as a scourge to be repelled from our computers and our lives. Internet Trolls are recognized by their lack of respect for others, questionable levels of self-worth and esteem, and their  objectionable and downright nasty natures. They’re ugly on the inside if not on the outside too, and their favored use of their own time is to cause trouble and provoke others.

Internet Troll Crosses are available in several designs. Choose protection in whatever form you appeals to you! The base of each cross is made from polymer clay and most have a very subtle circuit-board texture. Each one is made by hand and a unique item. Some of the variations available are:

THE PYRITE ‘PIXEL’ CROSS: These are the most powerful of the internet troll crosses. Each cross features nature’s ultimate pixelation — a piece of iron pyrite, which is a mineral that naturally takes the form of angled metallic facets. It has been known for centuries among pre-technological peoples for its shielding qualities against harm and negative energy. It can aid in assertiveness, help clear negativity, and allow the user to see reality through constructs that others generate.

THE FLUORITE ‘PIXEL’ CROSS: These pendants feature cubes of a mineral called fluorite. Besides being the perfect ‘IRL’ manifestation of the pixels that make up our online existences, in metaphysical applications fluorite is just the thing you need to deal with the peskiest of internet trolls: It is said to shield from manipulation, help people filter out background distractions, even out chaotic vibes, sooth anxiety and stress, and reduce negative energy. That’ll put a kink in the plans of the worst troll!

THE HEMATITE ‘PIXEL’ CROSS: Hematite is said to have a protective grounding energy and help with self-confidence. It’s also supposed to support logic and connect you to the “real world”, so it might serve as a double-whammy against trolls and your own distractions while in the chats and apps of the virtual world.  

THE INCOGNITO CROSS: These internet troll crosses feature slimmer metal squares that will get the job done, albeit in a more subtle manner than some of the other internet troll crosses. Perfect for everyday internet troll repelling!