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Unless otherwise noted or indicated, content on these two websites was created by and remains the property of Anika Evans. All content (written and visual) is protected under applicable copyright laws, and I appreciate everyone’s respect and cooperation. Hey, wait! Don’t run away. Like something you see? Wanna use it? That’s great! Please keep reading, or skip to the bottom of the page for my contact info if you pretty much know what I’m going to say.


The only way artists and writers can sustain their efforts is through compensation for their time and skill. (No, “exposure” is not enough.*) Please feel free to share links to any of my content on your social media pages or web-based communities to your heart’s content. That’s LINKS — no right-clicks or screen-caps to download an image and then reposting it from your computer, or copy/pasting blocks of text without citation. If you absolutely MUST share this way, you must provide credit back to the website and/or page of origin. (For more information check out How Not to Steal People’s Content on the Web and Can I Use That Picture? (Incidentally, these are  examples of using hyper-links, as opposed to having just posted the entire content here.)


I strongly encourage the use of Pinterest for sharing pages and images from my websites. Sharing and re-pinning from Pinterest is easy, and takes the guess-work out of whether you’re breaking copyright law. More than that, through Pinterest I can tell that people are accessing my work and it gives me little doses of happiness and validation, and that’s almost as cool as paying rent and eating. I’ve already given you a head start, and my boards also have pins to sites and images I think are cool but didn’t write or make myself. See general stuff here: Anika Evans on Pinterest or dog-speficic and raw-feeding stuff here: Pack Lunch on Pinterest.


If you see a photo/graphic image you’d like to use online or elsewhere, if you would like a print, or if you’d like to publish one of my articles on your own blog, please contact me thru email at manteega [AT] or thru my Facebook page. We will work something out, and I thank you in advance for not considering yourself a special case operating outside the rules of common courtesy. Exchange of money for work is not necessarily the rule. If you are truly working in a non-profit capacity or have a special case I would be happy to discuss permissions at no charge. I’m always interested in offers of trade as well. I started a Pinterest board where I will be pinning inspiration and actual items I’d be interested in trading services for called LETS BARTER! If you’re more interested in that, check it out. It’s by no means exhaustive. Contact me with your ideas too!

* A great article on creative people being asked (and sometimes agreeing) to work for free: Slaves Of The Internet Unite!