Welcome! This website is the hub for my various ongoing projects and a place to put everything else — the digital flotsam. For now subjects include food, art, and roller derby, but who knows what might pop up in the future? (Not dogs or pet nutrition — that’s all on my raw feeding site, Pack Lunch.) This site exists in a perpetual state of flexibility. What is “manteega” you ask? It’s a nonsense word I started using as a screen name back in the late 1990’s that has come to represent me and a lot of what I do on the internet these days.


  • PACK LUNCH: The information I wanted to share on the subject of raw-feeding and natural health for dogs and cats quickly outgrew my general homepage, and a website I call Pack Lunch was born.
  • SOCIETY6: In early 2016 I started using Society6, which is a print-on-demand site. Thru this site anyone can purchase a variety of items that bear my artwork without the limitations of having to have large runs of products made.
  • ETSY STORE: I maintain an store where I sell jewelry pieces and other tangible goods. It’s been on vacation mode for a while now, but a rework is coming in 2018!
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: I used to do a lot more photographing of heavy metal shows and events than I do currently, but the body of work still exists, of course. I found Facebook was the most convenient way to share my metal show and roller derby photos, and it still remains the best place to see collections of my photographic work.
  • PINTEREST: Many boards, hundreds of pins —
  • INSTAGRAM: I recently gave into curiosities and started an Instagram account in late 2017. Search @anika.manteega to find me there!


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I am Anika Evans. I was born in Oregon, but grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am very much a product of the Open School philosophy that governed my grade school and high school experiences. Open schools support children’s interests, help them manage learning at their own pace, and encourage them to take education outside of traditional classroom walls. I graduated from Community High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1995. I started undergrad studies at the Maryland Institute, College of Art, and completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in photography at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2000.

I have called many places ‘home’, including Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New Orleans, and I have traveled much more of the United States and Canada. I moved to Canada and achieved permanent residency status in 2004, and lived in Calgary and Saskatoon before settling in Winnipeg in 2011 where I remain, and plan to into the future.

WILL WORK FOR  FOOD  MONEY (unless you’ve got some unique garden produce or serious barter suggestions)…

I relaxed the push for independent photo and design jobs in 2014, but I am always interested in helping people with whatever project they may want my particular brand of insight for — band photos, poster layouts, event photography, commissioned jewelry, etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. For right now the Facebook page is a great place to message me while I’m in between email solutions. If you don’t use Facebook please use the comments section here, or your internet savvy to track down an existing mention of an email address on the web. (I know they’re out there, it’ll be fun!) If money’s not your strong point, I’m open to trades. In fact, I created a Pinterest board where I’ll be pinning ideas and items called LETS BARTER!

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